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Maryse Aragon

Marketing Assistant, Administrator

Office (905) 624-3500
Email  maragon@indusite.com
Website  https://www.indusite.com/agent/Maryse Aragon

About Me

Maryse is a graduate of both the law clerk and paralegal studies programs, and has over 4 years combined experience working within an administrative/support role in a victims of violence non-profit agency and also within the corporate-commercial legal sector before venturing off into a career in commercial real estate which she absolutely enjoys! In her free time, Maryse manages her own online business, spending time with family, and kicking back to a good show on Netflix whilst enjoying a hearty meal!

What are three personal values that you have?
The three F’s in life … Faith, Family, and Finance!

What advice would you give your 15 year old self?
There are hundreds of things I would tell my 15 year old self, but my 15 year old self will not listen to any of it!

Ultimately, whatever situation we encounter – it develops who our character is today – and we can learn from it and grow from it. (Hopefully!)